Radiant Marine Design & Services Limited is a consultancy based organization established with the major objective of providing highly professional services in the field of Construction Supervision, Design Consultancy, Naval Architecture, Ship Design, and Ship Construction Supervision and related Engineering Projects. This firm is enlisted with the Department of Shipping as a ship Design Firm under the Ministry of Shipping, Bangladesh.

The company is also a multi-discipline consultant and engineering company that provides services from preliminary planning to construction for a variety of projects with vast experience providing all kinds of engineering solutions that our country demands.

We aspires to be a leader by delivering Technology-based Engineering Solutions which help our clients to succeed with their affordable project budget to meet their current needs. Through our professional expertise of brilliant consultation and engineering system we want to provide full support to our country demands.

We are providing services to its valued clients at very competitive price. We are well equipped with wide range of data, which enables the designers to undertake design and computation work efficiently and adopts the latest techniques currently being utilized by this sector.

Since its inception, the main objective of the Company has been to develop the organization as a client-oriented entity and its success can be attributed to its all time followed problem-solving approach.

From day one the company values the needs of the owners and always endeavors timely and successful completion of projects at a very attractive cost.

Engineering and Construction Supervision Services

The company is distinctly approachable, straightforward organization sensitive to the needs of our clients. We maintain our commitment to integrity, quality, and reliability. We believe our clients enhance their professional reputation and realize sense of achievement through such commitment. Our goal is to develop relationship that is built on delivering quality service on time and within budget. Radiant Marine Design & Services Limited delivers a wide range of products and services including

Civil Engineering Design- Drawing, Consultancy and Construction.

The company offers a wide range of Civil engineering, design and consultation service. Our Civil design-drawing and consultants can provide dedicated and professional service to our business partners. We are also capable of providing multiple methodologies ranging from traditional design-bid-build, design assist, design-build, drawing assist, drawing-build, Consultancy and implementation integrated project delivery to construction-manager-at-risk (CMAR). Our staff of engineers, designers and Civil Engineers gives us versatility to move in any direction and makes us one of the top electrical engineering companies in the country. civil engineering team brings you experience and expertise to every project, utilizing  thorough research, planning, and creativity to deliver high-quality, practical, cost-effective solutions to a variety of clients. The civil engineering process always begins with a careful assessment of client’s needs, schedules, budgetary   concerns and vision for the       project. After these, we use our  innovation, skill    and    collaboration     to     devise     creative     solutions     to     the     civil     engineering challenges we face. Our objective is to do our best to meet our client’s needs.

Electrical Engineering Design- Drawing, Consultancy and Implementation.

We offer a wide range of electrical engineering, design and consultation service. Our electrical design consultants can provide dedicated and professional service to our partners. We are also capable of providing multiple methodologies ranging from traditional design-bid-build, design assist, design- build, integrated project delivery to construction-manager-at-risk (CMAR). Our staff of engineers, designers and electricians gives us versatility to move in any direction and makes us one of the top electrical engineering companies in the country.

Mechanical Engineering Design

The company is a reputable consultant and engineering company. We are ready to give first- class design-drawing, consultants and implementation services to our clients. We are equipped with resources at all stages of a project. We can expand and contract exactly when required including providing support during manufacture and long after a project is completed. Our service is available at all stages of a project from concept to manufacture. We impart extra resources, fresh ideas, and completely eliminate continuity problems to keep the project on track and profitable throughout.

Energy, Oil & Gas

It is a model based professionally managed Consultancy, Engineering and Contracting Company engaged in the field of Gas Engineering and Mechanical Utility services for almost two decades. Advanced knowledge and experience acquired for more than a decade of design, engineering, installation and maintenance are available to prospective clients.

Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)

Our team gives our clients a well-planned management system. When beginning any project, we take an experienced consultation and “smart design” approach to engineering building systems. We work with our clients’ project budget to determine the best way to meet their current needs while anticipating long-term operating costs and needs for the future. Our proven processes enable us to conduct exceptional executive search for various assignments. We understand that every executive search assignment brings unique challenges. We are outstandingly placed to serve across hierarchy levels with varied experience and skill set.

Fire Detection & Protection Design

We have comprehensive fire protection plan. Past experience has shaped our company into a specialized team of fire protection experts who are thoroughly trained to safeguard your personal property and business continuity from the threat of fire. Our comprehensive Fire Detection & Protection Design capabilities provide high-quality; energy-efficient, sustainable engineering solutions that include HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) Design and Laboratory Exhaust Systems, Data Center Cooling Systems, Central Utility Plant Design and Fire Protection Systems Design and Energy Modeling.

Security & Surveillance

Our engineers are experienced and exceptionally skilled in the design, integration and implementation of voice, data, audio and other low-voltage control systems and their related security and surveillance components. Our vast array of technology includes: Structured Cabling, Video Surveillance (CCTV), Video analytics, Data, Fire Alarm, Intrusion Detection, Wireless, Voice and Electronic Telecommunications and Audio/Video forensic analysis. Our services include Project Management, Deployment and Maintenance, Design and Engineering, Procurement, Staging and Configuration, Depot and Repair and Fire/Alarm Monitoring.

Trading , Import & Export

We are experienced in Trading, Import, Export, General Supply to all Public & Private organizations, UN and other foreign owned companies in the field of all electrical, mechanical, civil construction material. Life safety items including safety dresses, safety devices, surveillance equipment. All type of stationary, papers, computer & accessories etc.


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